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The Revelation of Jesus Christ- Book 2:>Photos From Space & His Burial Shroud.


Google Earth view of the Arabian Peninsula's Profile Face of Jesus, left side <Google Earth Profile view of God's Son.-2009


                                   ^Actual NASA Satellite Photo, showing God's Son's Face^


                           ^Another Actual NASA View of God's Son's Face, on the Earth.^

X-Ray In Blue- Shroud
                        ^ An X-Ray Photo of the Full Length Shroud of Jesus Image.^

Shroud of Jesus- Wrinkle-Adjusted
^Photo Negatives of the Image of Jesus: His front & back,-on His Shroud.^
Face of Jesus, Earth's Center

 ^ NASA Satellite photo of that part of Earth, clearly showing His Profile Face.^
Computer enhanced Image of the Shroud Face
                                           ^A Computer enhanced Image of the Shroud Face.^

Cut-out of the Face on the Arabian Peninsula from a NASA Photo of Earth
                           ^A Cut-out^ of God's Son's Face (a profile view)  NASA Photo of Earth.^
Google Image of the Face: shown in National Geographic in '06

   ^From Google Earth:>His Face(His Left Side Profile ). '06 National Geographic.^

Earth-02-junebluemar1Evening view of Earth -2
Rotating_earth_(large)Blue Marble, from Space<IN THE BEGINNING,
^EL MADE^ THE HEAVENS AND ^THE EARTH ^ + His Face shows up in the very center of it.


 AND NOW:> If you would, please read all of  the rest of this long Bible based & S.O.P. referenced study Book which follows from here on, & do look up all the many References we’ll be giving further on below.  Please, go ahead & study it all the way through to the finish, without making any rash pre-judging or rejecting it already, before even reading all the info first. We do thank you.
    Some of the full Earth photos, showing the Face of the Son of God, which are attached to this page above, & are similar to the ones seen on the full sideline columns going all the way down the full length of the page, were taken on Dec.7, 1972: as seen from Apollo 17; the very last of the manned Apollo Lunar Space Mission Flights. We were first shown His Face exactly 33 & a half years later: on June 7, 2006. >That fact has a whole lot of sentimental significance, because Jesus of Nazareth was just 33 & a half years old when He was put to death in 31 AD, having been crucified on a pole, then afterward taken down, & placed on a 14 ft. long fine linen Shroud.  Only one of the photos of the whole Shroud is posted on this page & shows the full 14 ft. length:> it's the long blue one that is showing the full frontal & backside of His image end to end, totally as it is on the Shroud(except that it is in the negative image form there on that actual Shroud cloth). 
   He was also wrapped up with some other fine linen cloths wound around even over that Shroud, & was then placed by Joseph of Arimathaea in his own tomb(see Mark 15:43-46, Luke 23:50-53, & John 19:38-40). Jesus on the 3rd day later came back to Life, while also leaving a negative image of Himself [with the same facial features as the Face seen on Earth from Space] right on His burial Shroud cloth: the fine linen cloth which was closest to the skin’s surface & draped straight over His whole body front & back, full length.
    That Shroud has been kept fairly safe all these long centuries, with minimal damage, considering it’s so old & was in some fires & even burned a bit over the centuries.!!.   All the pictures showing that too, are in that photo album: which is attached above for the comparison of features to the Son of God's Facial image as seen on the Earth’s surface.  The Shroud wasn’t photographed itself until 1898(publicly known photography by mankind as we know it, & of any person: with image captivation & preservation, wasn’t even invented until just 59 years earlier in 1839{though, some first photos of scenery came earlier: the oldest surviving is from 1826, by Niepce},which is still some 1800 years after Jesus left His negative type image, similar to a photograph on cloth!)[one of the benefits of being "All Powerful"].  And when that linen Shroud was first photographed finally then: it clearly showed for the first time, a positive photo image of Jesus; showing up only on the negative film phase of the developing process: which is backwards in photo picture development.!.   Then, on the finished & fully developed photograph only the negative image was there again: just as it appears on the linen Shroud itself, when one sees it with the naked eye in person:>SINDONESINDONE
^>It’s true, folks:> Jesus arose from being dead then, & as life flashed back into Him,  as we’ve said before; that negative Image was left there on the cloth as 1 big “proof”<(that may be a funny bit of photo lingo there, but, that Image really is also another very clear “proof” of His resurrection, too).!!.   Then, before He came out of that tomb, He neatly folded the “Shroud” & other grave cloths separately Himself.!.  By the way, it is recorded in the Bible about the other burial cloths besides the Shroud itself, which were also used in wrapping Jesus up, & were wound around & around Him over the Shroud “drape” itself, thus making it even tighter yet against His body, & making it possible for that photo negative image to be made when life flashed back into Jesus on the third day later.
   Joseph of Arimathaea & Nicodemus hurriedly prepared & placed Him in that tomb just barely before the Sabbath arrived. It is written in plural terms:>”linen clothes” & “the napkin”< too, when describing what the disciples saw as they entered the tomb on that Resurrection morning.(see John 20:5-7) {any SDAs can also see the book>”THE DESIRE OF AGES”<, written in 1898(strangely enough: the exact same year that the 1st photo of the Shroud was taken by Mr.Pia, & revealed it to the world as a positive photo image on the negative film version of the picture developing process) by this writer’s own 10th cousin:>Mrs. Ellen Gould Harmon-White:> Co-Founder of the SDA Church:>see p.789, 3rd & 4th paragraph there.  That book gives the details of the whole Life of Jesus.   EGW, there on that referred to page, tells of  ”THE SHROUD”< & the OTHER>”burial clothes” being folded separately by Jesus Himself.
  Archeologists & others even prove the Shroud’s Image is positively of a crucified man;(whether one believes it is Jesus or not) being it has details about it which show us that a man was crucified & nailed on a pole with both arms stretched straight upward above the head, & nailed with only the one very long single spike nail,(not 2)driven through both wrists together at the same time as one is crossed & stacked over the other & fastened onto that one place above up there on the pole(the feet were also nailed with just one spike through both together). Hence, as the very detailed appearance of the actual proven real blood stains that are on The Shroud: having ran down from the wrists to the elbows & on downward(remember, His hands & arms were stretched out upward above His head & nailed up there, that’s why we said the blood ran “downward”, from His wrists to His elbows & beyond), & thus showing up like that on that True Burial Shroud.  Look at it in the pics, & see for yourself again, here:> (Full frontal view)>
  P709077_447d0acd3a9c3-bBackside of Jesus' Shroud Image
^(His full dorsal view)^{& notice all the beating marks covering ^His whole body}^
     “It Is Written” in Is.52′s prophecy about Him, in verse 14:> “ his visage was >so marred< more than any man, and his form more than the sons of men…”   & <^The photos truly show that fact^>See.!?!.
   So we can see, the Shroud itself is an extremely accurate image of how someone was crucified then. It’s the only>actual photo type image<depiction of any crucified Man, right from that time period itself, yes it is, even:>”The Man Christ Jesus” Himself.!. + He being the ONLY person of whom any Historical records have been written about someone having had a crown of thorns pressed down upon His head, & a spear thrust through His side, as the bloodstains really do portray on that Shroud image, also proves it all the more to be the very image of Jesus.!.
   Besides also, the very fact that no one else knew anything about photographic type technology of any kind yet, let alone negative photographic style imagery, way back in that time of History: also proves It can only be a special type of picture image of Him.!. It is proven not to be any type of painting, nor is it technically even a photograph as we know them. Only He had the Knowledge & Power: being able to come back to life Himself even, & only He was able, however it was done, to leave an image of Himself too, anyway.!. If you want to see all the vast scientific & historical evidence as well gathered together in one place & that by a well known Jewish man who was the official photographer in the 1978 study of the Shroud & is now believer & teaches the facts about The Shroud, go visit & review it all at the Official Shroud Site:>  http://www.shroud.com/
   Being it was the 1st day of the week: on that Spring morning in 31AD; Jesus was then seen very much alive, & He continued to show Himself for 40 days, along with some previously dead Saints whom He had brought back to life at His Resurrection too. All of those were also seen  by many people, in & around Jerusalem, where they testified of His & their resurrection to many witnesses: & some of those witnesses have recorded it for History (see Matt.28, Mark 16, Luke 24, & John 20 & 21).
   After being alive again for those 40 days, He went up before their eyes, & “was received into a cloud”(That’s singular! So,compare Acts 1:9 &10 with Rev.14:14, where it shows: He’s coming back the very next time upon “a white cloud”: singular again!){& SDAs can look up the QUOTE I’ll post below here next, from a Mar.14, 1846 issue of a periodical called the “Day Star”, in which my cousin Ellen wrote about a coming of Jesus in the future yet, on “a cloud”(singular), showing it is a different time of His coming than the one when He comes “with clouds”(plural); prophesied of in Rev.1:7.
   EGW states in that early article, QUOTING NOW:> “And I SAW a FLAMING CLOUD come where Jesus stood and He laid off His priestly garment & put on His Kingly robe, took His place on THE CLOUD which carried Him TO THE EAST, where it FIRST APPEARED to the saints ON EARTH… While THE CLOUD was passing from the Holiest TO THE EAST, which took a number of days, the Synagogue of Satan worshiped at the saints’ feet.” >.!!.
   His going up to Heaven that particular time in 31 AD, was as we said: after He’d been showing Himself to all those many witnesses. But, that going up, was after He had already previously gone up to Heaven & back the 40 days before that particular time mentioned in Acts 1:9. It is written of His having previously ascended to Heaven & returned back down: very soon after rising from the tomb that day.!. We’ll show more details & give the references of that going up & back, farther along in this study, so please, keep reading & you’ll soon see more clearly what we’re saying.
   Jesus is still up there in the Heavenly Courts right now, of course, & He’s keeping very busy as our Mediator & Advocate: pleading the cases of all who call upon His Holy Name & who have accepted Him & His Holy Blood Sacrifice in their behalf. He’s also going over the Record Books of Life, in an investigative Judgment(see Dan.7:10, John 5:22-32, Rev.14:7 for starters): of everyone who has ever lived upon this Earth & called upon His Name, starting with the records of all those dead, from Adam’s day on down through History. Most people wonder why He isn’t back here again yet, but wow, don’t you realize that’s such a lot of names & life records to have to go over & Judge!?! Think of it: Billions upon billions of individual names & detailed life records.!!!. It is said there’s nearly 7 billion people on this planet right now, all at the same time, so can you imagine how many total there have been, since the Earth was created.!?!.
    Really, people, just try to imagine all that book work He’s having to do now.!!. & He didn’t even start that Judgment until 1844.!!!.(see Daniel 8:14,{& Ezekiel 4:6 gives the day for a year key for interpreting & understanding time prophecies} & also see again Daniel 7:10). And we think we’re so busy: watching so much TV, movies, videos, DVDs, Blu-Ray, & playing CDs, games, computers, I-Pods, Skype, cell phones, & on & on, etc, etc.!. Such important things we’re busy with, right, while Jesus is just up there looking over all the individual life details of all mankind’s History.!.
    So, let’s all really have more patience, & be more sympathetic toward Him now, & let’s just keep Faithfully waiting for His next “Return” visit, by being truly busy ourselves, not wasting time playing games & such, but by telling of & sharing with all others, His Love & Great Plan of Salvation: provided by Him for all who will accept His Blood Sacrifice in their own behalf, instead of any losing their own life eventually, for Eternity. + Let’s always keep sharing the Good News to those who haven’t accepted Him yet, because they don’t know Him yet, & also, warn those who say they know Him, professing to, but not practicing the real Faith of Jesus, or not taking to heart & doing all His Words & Commandments; as He’s told us to, while also being concerned for all others, too. But, at least, now you know:> how, He’s really so very busy up there, & some reasons;> why, He hasn’t returned back here yet.!!.
    Soon though, & no one knows just how soon, except Him & His Father: but after They’ve finished going over the Record Books of the dead, They’ll be starting on the Record Books of the living.!.(Dan.7:10) He’s Investigating the life Records & Judging us all, to see if people’s “profession” of faith, matches up to their actual lifestyle, inner-most thoughts & actions as written in the Record Books up there. He’s also checking to see who of those living, can be given a place in His soon to come Kingdom here on Earth(to the very place where that Giant Likeness of His Face appears: which is so clearly visible there from Space), & He’s Judging who can have eternal life thereafter & who will not.!. He won’t be away from here for very much longer, because when he finishes going over all those Record Books in that Investigative phase of this Judgment, then: as it is Written;> He’s coming back down here to start the Execution phase of His Judgment of the living.
   So yes, He’s returning here more than just that one time in the future that most folks preach about: calling that time the “second” coming.!. Of course, as we all know, the many Scriptures on the subject of “His appearing” again, are all The Truth, but, they are NOT ALL speaking of the same time or “coming” in History.!!. Some of those Scriptures have been misapplied & misinterpreted, as speaking of the exact same event, when they are not.!. It’ll soon be proven to you, if you’re willing to look up all the references we’re going to post for you, just a bit further down in this study. & Please don’t just pass them by, without looking them all up & reading them for yourself.
   Now folks, we feel we must very clearly point something else out here, since almost all professed Christians do claim to be looking into the future yet; for what almost all have termed:> "THE SECOND COMING” or “SECOND ADVENT” OF JESUS.  Therefore, we feel obligated here & now, to inform everyone of a very little known fact, which MAY BE SHOCKING to most of you, & we do really believe you may not know of THIS VERY STRANGE, BUT VERY TRUE & REAL FACT, which is:> neither of those two terminologies, just mentioned above, are written in The Bible:> no, they are just not there, anywhere:> from cover to cover.!!. Go, check it out.!. So odd, isn’t it!?!  One of the main doctrinal phrases of all Christianity; is not in the Bible.?!?.
   That’s right, in fact, those words:>“SECOND” & “COMING”,> are NOT even SIDE BY SIDE AT ALL, ANYWHERE IN THE BIBLE.!!. Surprised.!?! You very well may be:> if you assumed they were in there together like that. You may want to do a search & TRY to find those two words together like that in the Bible. Yes, go ahead, we say:> search & see for yourself.  Please do, get your Concordance out, & go ahead & start looking.  But, we’re so completely sure of the fact that those words are NOT THERE together as stated, that we challenge anyone to give us one quote of those two words even being side by side at all in the Bible,{& we’re talking: the Authorized King James English version of the Bible, or most any other language version of the Bible}.
   No, there is not one verse in the whole Bible with those words even side by side, or especially in that order, like most Christians say:> “the second coming”.{& get this:> the word “advent”, even by itself, ISN’T IN THE BIBLE >AT ALL, let alone next to the word “second”.!!.} You don’t believe it.?!. Go look again & see for yourself.
   Please don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that is such a serious problem, but we’re just merely trying to show that a lot of folks don’t know their Bible & what it really says, as well as they might think they do.  We can just merely drop the word “second”, from that popular phrase:>"second coming of Jesus” & we’ll be correct enough.!.  But, if you think you must add a number to that phrase: “coming of Jesus”, then we need to at least add the correct number, as it is next lined up in History, & soon coming to pass. >The correct number of His next coming that should be added to the phrase:>"coming of Jesus”, would now be:>"the 5th"<.
   We’re just challenging folks to be more accurate, when claiming to be teaching Bible Truths & using or teaching terminologies claimed to be truth. Don't just go with the flow, using certain popular terminologies which are claimed to be taken from the Holy Bible, but are based upon false suppositions, & are not written there. All we ever have to really do: is to first look something up to see if it is in the Bible, before we start preaching it as Truth & claim it’s from God’s Word.
   We also need to just put things in their proper Historical place if it is a Biblical related phrase or teaching, which we do find to be subjects there, & truly predicted events which are truly written in The Holy Scriptures. Especially, when most all Christian folks claim:> “the Bible, & the Bible only”, as their “sole rule of Faith" & teaching for any doctrine.!. We really need to be sticking to using wording & phraseology which is Truly in the Bible, before making that claim, dear people.
   So then, while we’re thinking about folks repeating supposed Bible quotes that really ARE NOT even IN THE BIBLE, we"ll give you another example of a really popular phrase that people use, & many have even made popular art paintings, or pictures of the thought, but even the following phrase itself is NOT in God’s Holy Written Word, AT ALL, either.!!. Folks always say it like this:> “And the lion shall lie down with the lamb.” or like this:> “The lion & the lamb shall lie down together”)))—> it’s said either way. Ever heard someone say that?  >IT'S NOT IN THE BIBLE.!!!.
It’s just NOT))–>lion-and-lamb<—(( THERE, like that.!!. Go look.
   Now, you can surely see, we really do need to be more precise, dear people, when claiming to be quoting from God’s Holy Written Word the Bible.  Yes, we need to make sure we really are truly quoting it first, by checking to see if what’s claimed to be, is really written there. The next time someone says either version of that famous phrase, or shows you a picture of a lion & lamb lying down together like that, just ask them for the Bible Verse it is from,& watch them hunt,& NOT find it.!!. Although, the Bible does say this phrase:))—>wolf_lamb<—(( “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb”<(KJV). <^That's the Real Truth, as ^”It Is Written”.^
   We can now see, many people do give all kinds of supposed:> "Bible quotes", that are NOT truly there at all, so we’re merely trying to get everyone to be “BIBLICALLY CORRECT”, instead of worrying so much about being “politically correct”.!!. But, mostly:> if someone tries to show us something so simple as that supposed verse or scene as being in the Bible, when it truly is NOT there, who knows what else they’re telling us is in the Bible, when it’s NOT THERE either.!. Just like the word “RAPTURE”, isn’t even in the Bible at all either.!!!.
  Let’s always “prove all things”: as God’s Word tells us: in 1 Thessalonians 5:21.
    God really does tell us of the events we’re going to discuss next though. >It's recorded for us in the Bible, with the descriptions of 6 separate return visits{or comings again}of Jesus, yes, His “returning” to this planet from Heaven again, since His birth, >& we did say “returning”, >so we don’t count that coming here when He was born as a baby yet, in the numbering of those 6 “return” comings from heaven: since being born here at that time.
   Then, we know He grew up into a man to become the Messiah(Anointed One)at His Baptism: & from His birth being named Jesus: which is the English spelling of a Greek word pronounced like ee-ay-sooce’; & which was actually of Hebrew origin & the same as all these other English spelled names: Jehoshua, Jeshua, Joshua, Hoshea, Hosea, Oshea, & Osea: which all mean: Yahowah Saved, or Yahovah Saves.[see also Matt.1:21 & the margin, & Strong's Concordance of the Bible]. Then: “The Son of God”, became the “Son of Man”: born of Mary, His earthly mother; from the lineage of David the king: who is also this writer’s own 103rd{family records proven}Great-Grandfather.
  Yes dear folks, we know too, that the Holy Being:> who is known as the Son of God; has always existed with The Father, before that birth down here as that Holy Child(John chapter 1 & other places so state).  Of course, He appeared a few times in the Old Testament era, being called Michael in the book of Daniel{meaning: Who is like God}[& there is only "One": "Who is like God"; & that's The Son of God.!!.], & many other places that mention Him by The Holy Name:YHVH or written in English transliterations as Jehovah: in Ex.6:3, Ps.83:18, Is.12:2, Is.26:4, Jah: in Psalm 68:4, & even the term: I AM: in Ex.3:14. He had made many appearances here on the Earth in those Old Testament times, personally visiting many of the Bible writers; & which they have testified of that fact, in His Word.
   But, His appearing in the New Testament times is what we are focusing on here: & which that coming in birth is called by all Christians; His “1st coming”; as Messiah(& Christ: from the Greek; Christos). That makes it the 1st: of a yet to be grand total number of: 7 comings, in New Testament times, & we’ll soon show proof of them all being Holy Scripture recorded “comings” as “The Man: Christ Jesus”(1 Timothy 2:5). So, when they’re all totally counted & become History: they will make up His perfect number 7 on the subject of His coming down here for the sake of mankind’s salvation; & to finish getting rid of sin, not just forgiving it, & to fulfill ALL His Great Plans He has prophesied of; to make it finalized, gone, & finished for all time.
   As His most significant number has always been 7, even from Creation, & just as it’s also been used to represent completeness in many other places in His Word & about many other subjects: just so also, Jesus comes to Earth ALL 7 TIMES, finally making complete His great Holy Plan of wiping out all the rebellion, lies, & sin, & yes, we must say: the willful sinners themselves too, who still cling to it & won’t repent & forsake it, & turn to Jesus & accept His Righteousness & Truth.
  He thus makes it finally & Truly a reality for Earth’s redeemed people to be able to dwell in True Peace on the Earth with Him, ever afterward. So, before we’re done here, you’ll really be able to see, that it’s not just 2 times He comes here: as so many have thought.(although most SDAs & a few of others, do say 3, counting the last time, which is really the 7th coming; & which is after the Millennium).
   It’s recorded for us, about all those individual comings: in many places in both the Old & the New Testament, but, why hasn’t anyone ever thought of this before: to compare ALL the words & contextual details, of each individually recorded Prophecy of Him: “coming” down from Heaven, one with another; & noting all the differences between them: proving they aren’t all the same “coming”.!?!. Most folks, & “professed” Bible preachers included, don’t realize that though, because they lump all the Prophecies about “His coming” all together, as if every one of them are pointing to the same time in History, i.e. one or the other of two comings(or again, some do say 3), which so many Christians have taken for granted as being all of His comings that there are going to be.!.
    There’s also written Testimony by the SDA Church co-founder:> that ONE of those “comings” will be a “surprise”, to most people’s understanding [& especially to SDAs.!.]. Yes, it’s actually called a “surprise”, in writing: coming at that time to His living Church first, before, it happens to any other people on the Earth who are living during this Judgment time. SDAs really do earnestly teach & preach about the Judgment coming to all the people: dead or alive on Earth,but, most of us haven’t realized: “it is written” that SDAs are the very FIRST LIVING PEOPLE TO BE JUDGED; in this soon coming Judgment of the Living.!!!.[So, please, all SDAs, read about that fact: in the following references.!.]
   For the actual Written Words: see another of this writer’s own(family history documented)10th cousin: E.G.White’s book TESTIMONIES VOL.5, & read that whole chapter entitled: “THE SEAL OF GOD”: telling about a vision of Ezekiel chapter 9; & starting on page 207 of that book, she tells even more details of what that prophecy is all about, but see especially: page 211, para.2, & then read page 690 of that same book, para:1, where it is written there about Jesus coming down to QUOTE: “surprise them”.
   Also see:> TESTIMONIES VOL.8, page 28: middle two paragraphs; speaking of that coming Judgment phase,& I’m QUOTING here: “as an overwhelming surprise..”. Also, on page 37, of that book: middle paragraph, where it’s written that His coming at that time is also called, QUOTE: “an awful surprise”.!!.
   Also, see the book “TESTIMONIES TO MINISTERS & GOSPEL WORKERS”: page 445; telling of John’s vision of “the seal of God” in Revelation 7, & also the vision of Ezekiel 9, about the Angels of God who, QUOTE: “place a mark.. upon the foreheads of those that sigh & that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof…” & it is written there, that both of those Scripture writers are speaking of the same events in History.
   Then we’re also told there: the Angels start to “slay” those who don’t receive that, quote: “mark in their foreheads”. It’s also saying that those 2 Prophetic Scripture Writings are talking about those events as happening “in The Church”, dear brothers & sisters.!!. Those details recorded in that book of Ezekiel 9:1-11, that are telling of the “marked”(or “sealed”)ones there, are the same as John mentioned in Rev.7: of the 144,000 being sealed also by angels(messengers){see a concordance & Bible dictionary} of God.!.
   It’s all recorded for us by both those prophets: one in the Old Testament & one in the New Testament.!. There’s God’s Two Witnesses.!. >SDAs can read a lot more about this happening; again, see that book:”TESTIMONIES VOL. 5″, on page 208: para 4 & on through page 209  to 211: where you should have just read already before, that the Judgment sentence for those unmarked(not sealed)ones, who are called the “tares” ,[in Matt.13:24-30 & 38-43] is carried out & really does begin in the Church that professes to have the most Light in our midst, & is there called by cousin Ellen:>”the Lord’s sanctuary”.!.[go read that again!] 
  & Next, also see her book: “MANUSCRIPT RELEASES-VOL.1″ page 260: para.2, & we’re also QUOTING here:>”Study the 9th chapter of Ezekiel”, for: “these words will be LITERALLY fulfilled…”.!!.
   Let’s quote some highlights of some of those pages for you, right here & now, just in case some folks don’t have ready access to those books & pages.
   “The class who do not feel grieved over their own spiritual declension, nor mourn over the sins of others, will be left without the seal of God. The Lord commissions His messengers, the men with slaughtering weapons in their hands, Ez.9:5-6 **“Go ye after him through the city, and smite: let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity: slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at My sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house.” **{5T 211.1}
  >>”Here we see that the church—the Lord’s sanctuary—was the first to feel the stroke of the wrath of God.<<  The ancient men, >>those to whom God had given great light and who had stood as guardians of the spiritual interests of the people, had betrayed their trust.<< They had taken the position that we need not look for miracles and the marked manifestation of God’s power as in former days. Times have changed. These words strengthen their unbelief, and >>they say: The Lord will not do good, neither will He do evil. >He is too merciful to visit His people in judgment.<  Thus “Peace and safety” is the cry from men who will never again lift up their voice like a trumpet to show God’s people their transgressions and the house of Jacob their sins. >These dumb dogs <that would not bark >>are the ones who feel the just vengeance of an offended God.<<  >Men, maidens, and little children: all perish together.” <{5T 211.2}
   AND SEE  this EGW quote also:> >>
“The work of judgment begins at the sanctuary.<< ‘And, behold, six men came from the way of the higher gate, which lieth toward the north, and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand; and one man among them was clothed with linen, with a writer’s inkhorn by his side: and they went in, and stood beside the brazen altar.’  >Read Ezekiel 9:2-7. The command is, ‘Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at My sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house.’ Saith God, ‘I will recompense their way upon their head.’ ” <{TM 431.3}
  AND THIS QUOTE:> “Those that overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil, will be >the favored ones<>who shall receive the seal of the living God.< Those whose hands are not clean, whose hearts are not pure, will not have the seal of the living God. >Those who are planning sin and acting it will be passed by.> >>Only those who, in their attitude before God, are filling the position of those who are >repenting and confessing their sins< in the great anti-typical day of atonement, will be recognized and >marked as worthy< of God’s protection.<<”   {TM 445.1} “>>This sealing of the servants of God is the same that was shown to Ezekiel in vision. John also had been a witness of this most startling revelation.<< He saw the sea and the waves roaring, and men’s hearts failing them for fear.”  {TM 445.2}
  AND THIS ONE:>  “Study the 9th chapter of Ezekiel. These words will be literally fulfilled; yet the time is passing, and the people are asleep. They refuse to humble their souls and to be converted. Not a great while longer will the Lord bear with the people who have such great and important truths revealed to them, but who refuse to bring these truths into their individual experience. The time is short. God is calling; will you hear? Will you receive His message? Will you be converted before it is too late? Soon, very soon, every case will be decided for eternity.”> Letter 106, 1909, pp.2, {1MR 260.2}.
   We can see now, & if anyone hadn’t seen it in this study before this: everyone should be able to see it more fully real soon; from the just quoted, and the many more references coming ahead yet:> that He's coming an extra time other than most folks think He is, & that the next “coming” we’re looking for in order of Historical sequence:> should be called by us all, >HIS 5TH COMING.< It will also be shown to all who’ll read this whole piece, how we all have the right to call it that number; just as much as anyone who is calling another “coming of Jesus” the “2nd Coming”(remember: more reasons for that are coming yet, so keep reading on).
    As we’ve said, that very next Coming of Jesus; is for the purpose of the very beginning part of the Execution Phase(giving the reward of life or the sentence of death, in His most “professed” true Church: to every individual’s case therein)of the Judgment of those who are living on the Earth at the time, & you should also know that phase of the Judgment is also plainly written about: in 1st Peter 4:17, where it says there; “Judgment>MUST<begin at the house of God”.!. (& see more details of this happening also, in Isaiah 59:20, & Isaiah 66:15-21, Ezekiel 9:1-11, Zephaniah 2:3, & especially Malachi.3:1-6,& Revelation.14:14-16, & again remember, any SDAs should GO READ AGAIN: “TESTIMONIES VOL.5″, p.690:1st para. & also p.211: para.1&2, & please, really read that whole chapter).!.   So next, we’ll also see: where it’s recorded for us, that He’s already come to Earth & gone back to Heaven the other 4 times previously.!!.
  We’ll finally be giving you some more fully referenced evidence here & now:> proofs, showing why we’ve said we are next looking for His 5th coming.
   This time, we’ll start counting from: and include in those 4 previous instances of His coming to Earth from Heaven: of course, His birth as Jesus{Savior},The Son of Man and God, yes, we’re counting His having come as that Holy Child in 4 BC, because then, we can in the end see all 7 times of His coming down here, the next 3 of which are for the Executing of the sentences/rewards of His Father’s & His Judgment upon separate & particular groups of people on Earth that they have previously judged prior to each time of each particular coming. He’ll be getting rid of His enemies[although some of them claim to be His friends]& all the rebellion & sin which they have continually & unrepentantly, without conscience committed before each of those comings. He’ll be sending their cause of death in one way or another, just before,  at, or even after, those individual comings(whichever in each case, as it may be: we shall see).
   For now, though, we’ll be able to show that the other 3 of the previous comings: besides His coming in birth; have also already taken place, & are also way far back in History too, just as that 1st coming is.!!. The most recent of those previous comings of Jesus: would be called His 4th Coming; so, to begin with, we’ll start counting the number sequence: backward in time from us now; to that previous real, physical,”visit” by Jesus Himself to this planet. That 4th “visit” is recorded in Revelation 1:9-20<.
   By the way, again: the only reason we’re adding numbers to these Bible recorded times of His “coming”; is to show that there really are more than the 2 most popular times most people talk about, & so you’ll be reminded to count them by their order of sequence for yourself, & see that there really are those 7 “comings”.
   We also want to make it clear: that we don’t say there’s anything wrong with giving any of the comings of Jesus a number, & of course: dear friends, we didn’t invent the idea of giving them a number; all other Christians in this whole wide World already did that a long time ago, including you too, & you know that.  By everyone saying: “1st coming “& “2nd coming”. So, no one should come down on us with mockery, because we tell of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, & 7th comings of Jesus: which will be proven to be the True number of times He actually does come finally.
   Yes, every other Christian on Earth has done the numbering, wayyy before us.!.  It’s just that nearly all Christians have(UNTIL NOW)always short changed the True counting of the number of times of His “visits”.  All of His comings naturally do produce the given numbers; just by the very fact of their being in order of sequence: following one another in History.  So, we’re merely showing: like all the folks using the non-Biblical term,(but it is none the less; a true term just the same) if one does say the term:”the 2nd coming”, & again, we surely don’t condemn any, BUT>, we do respectfully request everyone who does use it, to at least put the time of the happening of “the 2nd coming” in it’s proper place in History: which is in the far past already, & >NOT THE FUTURE.!.
   Sorry, if you think we’ve repeated that fact too much, but we really need to make that point very clear, folks, so we’ll know what’s really coming ahead in the future, for sure & in Truth.  Now, we’ll continue showing that the “4th coming” has happened already, by again stating that it was recorded for us: in The Revelation chapter 1: verses 9-20, & written in 96 AD, by John the apostle, when he was near 100 years old.!.[as most Bible Historians teach.]
   Now again, for SDAs: cousin Ellen White tells a lot of details of that very real, personal, & physical: “coming of Jesus” back to Earth to visit His aged servant John.!!. & “It is written” of in: “THE SDA BIBLE COMMENTARY-VOL.7″: page 953, par.3, where it says, & we QUOTE now: “The instruction to be communicated to John was so important that CHRIST CAME FROM HEAVEN, to give it to His servant…”, & also look on page 955: commenting there under verses 9&10, she says it again, & gives separate comments written there under verses 9-15: 1st par., & again, separate comments under verse 10, both paragraphs: saying Christ came down & visited John personally then. All who can get access to them: please look up all these references & read the evidence for yourself {They are all words written by the co-founder of the SDA Church herself, under the inspiration of The Holy Ghost}.!.
   Next, the Bible’s book of Acts states the time & place of His “3rd coming” down from Heaven, when He appeared to a man named “Saul” (afterward known as “Paul”), & it’s all recorded by Dr.Luke> in Chapter 9 of that book of Acts: verses 1-7, & especially Paul’s own words, later in chapter 26:12-18. [+ again, SDAs can see also: "THE SDA BIBLE COMMENTARY-VOL 6"; for even more about that very real, physical appearing of Jesus to Paul in 34 AD, just three & a half years after Jesus went up to Heaven, before the eyes of all those witnesses.
   Jesus came down again then & chose Paul as His main Apostle to the Gentiles: see page 1058 & especially page 1059 of that Commentary book; where E.G.White even states there, & we're again QUOTING here: "Paul.., since The Ascension of Jesus, had met Him 'Face to face', and had talked with Him, AND had 'ALSO' seen Him in Vision....".!. SEE THAT.?. That second "AND" that's written there, & that word: "ALSO" that is written there too; proves the fact: that Paul had a real, personal, & physical visit from Jesus, as well as visions: which he of course had later. How else do you think his eyes got burned.!?!. No one has ever been physically burned by just a vision.!. Paul was physically blinded by the Sight of Jesus appearing to Him.!. Go read it again.!.
   After you've finished re-reading that stunning statement again: you can read still some more proof statements; also telling of Jesus having come Physically from Heaven at that time to visit Paul. Another description of that same scene is given again by my cousin Ellen G. White, in yet another of her books entitled: "THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES", on page 115: 1st and 2nd paragraphs; both stating, QUOTE: "--even the Son of God. In the glorious Being WHO STOOD BEFORE HIM, he saw the Crucified One".& "Now that 'JESUS HIMSELF' stood revealed...." Did you catch that, too.!?.
   That year, was the very year that the 490 years(70 weeks of years)long time Prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27 came to their end, sealing the Vision & allotted time for that nation of Israel then,"to finish the transgression...& anoint the most Holy": "the Messiah", but they refused & rejected Him & put Him to death instead in 31 AD.(Which somebody was really supposed to do anyway, & needed to, so we could all have Jesus as our Sacrificial Lamb) Somebody had to do it.!.
  Those Jews then, did us all a big favor, folks.!!. But then, later they also killed His first martyr: Stephen, in 34 AD [which is something; they did NOT have to to, for any reason whatsoever.!.] They remain guilty of that vicious murder.!!. But also, Jesus: that very year, chose Paul, & taught the messages of Truth to him(you also know, he had held the coats of those who did the stoning & killing of Stephen). & So, Paul & others were sent to the Gentiles; to teach them about God’s Truth & Plan of Salvation, & thus began the “Times of the Gentiles”.
  Next, you’ll want to also know this last bit of information on the one other previous coming: which we’ve mentioned about having happened way back in the past, to complete the 4 previous numbers of His comings. When did His other previous “coming” back from Heaven take place, & also when did the other ascensions to Heaven take place? Of course, for each “coming of Jesus”, there had to be also an ascension back to Heaven.
   The first ascension was as you know: after His “1st coming”, & would have been prior to His real “2nd coming”. You want to know where that was recorded as having taken place, so we’ll tell finally, right here & now. “It is written” about in John 20:17, right after He spoke to Mary Magdalene: when He told her:”Touch me not..”, as He said He was going to then; “Ascend to My Father, to my God & your God…”, & then in Matthew 28:5-7 & Mark 16:5-7 it is there written about Jesus Himself telling some of the women who went early to the tomb then: “..tell my brethren… to go into Galilee & they shall see Me.” & It’s also recorded that: “a young man in a long white garment”, who told some women: “..tell the disciples & Peter, He goes before you into Galilee…”.
  So, yes, He really had by then already ascended on up to Heaven & back down, & then met with those other women afterward.!. Right after speaking to Mary He went up to Heaven, & that had to have happened very quickly too; as He would afterward return{descend}from Heaven & appear before those women there. After that, He also appeared to two of His disciples: to be seen by them & to commune with them for the rest of that same day.
   He walked & talked with those two disciples, all along their way to Emmaus; one of them being named Cleopas(see Luke 24:13-39); & He even stayed a long time talking to them, explaining all the things that had been Written of Him & about why all that had happened to Him in the previous days before, & He then ate supper with them, as well. Later that evening is when He finally met with the other disciples & apostles in a closed room, & at that time He told them all to QUOTE: “Handle me..”, in Luke 24:39, & so proving He wasn’t then concerned at all about being touched(or detained, as when He spoke to Mary).!. & Here again, any SDAs, or anybody else who wants to for that matter, & has access to it, can read in one of the previously mentioned books again: by cousin E.G.White, entitled: “THE DESIRE OF AGES”, pages 790 & 791, starting with para.3 & 4 on 790; where it is written about the words: “touch me not” meaning; “don’t detain me”, & explained so by her there.
   Continue to read on through page 793: for more details my cousin Ellen tells there, of His having gone up to heaven & back & first appearing to those women.{& see also the Book:”EARLY WRITINGS” again; in the middle & bottom para. of pg.187 & on through the top of pg.188, where she again shows more on that subject} It is written there on p.187, & we’ll again QUOTE some of it here: “JESUS QUICKLY ASCENDED TO HIS FATHER….” & on p.188, also QUOTING: “…THE SAME DAY HE RETURNED,..” “..for He HAD ASCENDED…” to Heaven, to see His Father & the adoring angels, & it tells about what He did while there: before coming back down to Earth to meet with those women & then the two disciples on that road to Emmaus. So, you should see now, He really did go up to Heaven & back, that very SAME DAY OF HIS RESURRECTION.!!. & Yes folks, FINALLY NOW: we can clearly see, that particular “coming” to those disciples, was Historically lined up in numerical order of sequence, & that particular coming of Jesus from Heaven, IS: THE REAL: >>>”SECOND COMING OF JESUS”<<<.!!. YES, it really is.!!. Do you see that now.!!?!!. & Right there in 31 AD, too.!!!!.
   Yet again: all SDAs can see where E.G.White explains this all even more, in great detail also, in “THE SDA BIBLE COMMENTARY-VOL. 5″: page 1150, where she’s commenting on John 20:16 &17) [& please NOTE: all of cousin ELLEN  G. WHITE'S comments that are included in the SDA Bible Commentary are also placed all together in a handy supplement to the 7 Volume set themselves, & entitled: "SDA BIBLE COMMENTARY-VOLUME 7-A", & showing her comments on many of the Bible Scriptures, + that book can be readily found at any of the ABC(Adventist Book Centers)or the Bookmobile].
   Now, dear friends, you can see why we’ve said before, that Jesus is also coming again yet, in the near future: THE 5TH TIME; in which He’s promised to “set up” “a Kingdom”: which means that Kingdom was not “set up” before that time; as it says He is going to “In”(meaning: during)”the days of these kings”: “set” it “up”.!!.(read Dan 2:44-45). & As He’s promised us, he’ll be placing that Kingdom here on this planet then.(see Dan.7:18, & see especially verse 27 there).
   The fact of that very real Kingdom coming soon, is also a real big “surprise” to most SDAs too: but, it sure shouldn’t be a surprise to us, because we SDA Church members do quote the verses about that happening: more than any other group of organized Christians on the Planet.!!!!. Yes, & it is so plainly written about, besides in Daniel 2:44<, also in Zechariah 14:4, Matthew 13:24-30{the Parable} & also verses 37-43(the Parable’s interpretation), Acts 1:11, Revelation 2:25-28, & Rev.3:20-21, & + see again Rev.14:1 & 14-16,+ many other places. & Again also, see that book by cousin, E.G.White: “EARLY WRITINGS”, p.280, 1st para. & on thru 281],(& note the sequence of events, as recorded there!).
   See also an official study guide book, by SDA author & Pastor: Elder M.L Andreasen, entitled; “ISAIAH THE GOSPEL PROPHET”, & in which: that book includes the SDA SABBATH SCHOOL QUARTERLY LESSON STUDIES for the 4th Quarter of 1928 & 1st Quarter of the year 1929. Written in those lessons is more on this subject, studying in Isaiah 59, & some very profound statements in particular are found on page 306: paragraphs 4 & 5. That book, which by the way, was then written as one of the official SDA Church voices, written for all it’s members at the time, & the words that were authorized & given as doctrinal teachings to the complete Worldwide SDA Church membership at that time, to be studied by them all in the Sabbath School classes then.
  Read as well, on page 309: the last sentence at the bottom of that page; where it’s telling about that next visit of Jesus to Earth, QUOTING NOW: “Verse 20{of Is.59}.’The Redeemer shall come to Zion’.” “This is NOT the coming in the clouds, BUT, HIS COMING TO THE CHURCH. And when He comes. He will do the work mentioned in Malachi 3:1-3″.(End of QUOTE)(go read all of Malachi 3:1-6, too).
   The SDA Sabbath School Lessons just quoted from there in that year, warned us then, that He’s coming to purge His Church: to execute His Judgment of the living,(both reward for some, & punishment to others) on His “professed” true people, who in reality: are also His “professed”, “most enlightened” Church. Yes, repeating again folks:> that the Judgment of the living truly happens to SDAs first: before anybody else living on the Earth have that Execution(the sentencing, of death/or reward, of Eternal life) phase of the Judgment happen to them. Anyone can get that book, even today: >as it can still be found & purchased at Barnes & Noble Book Stores, or on Amazon.com..!. Go check it out & see.!!.
   When He does come back down here again, that “5th” time, He also gathers & places His 144,000(of the 12 Tribes of Israel): who are then found among all the “first fruits”: the ones who "escape"(Is.66:19), or called the "survivors" of "the Judgment of the living" at "the House Of God" who are Harvested(Judged){spared alive} by His Holy Angels(see Ez.9).  They are all accounted as righteous{claiming His Righteousness by Faith: put in them by The Holy Spirit}, having remained faithful: sighing & crying for all the abominations in and around them, they are spared after that “surprise” visitation & first section of the Execution{sentencing}Phase of the Judgment of the Living. That Judgment which really will begin at the House of God: is told of, as you’ll surely remember, in that book by cousin E.G.WHITE, in again: “TESTIMONIES-VOL.5″, 2ND PARA. of PAGE 211. Yes, all those remaining alive from His “professed” True Church; are then taken to His real physical Kingdom.
   Then, at that time “A New Nation”, is introduced here on this Earth. Now, again,”surprised” SDAs can see another book by cousin Ellen G.White, entitled “EVANGELISM”, page 579: middle para., where she wrote; “A NATION SHALL BE BORN IN A DAY”.!!!. How’s that!?! Go read about it there & see.!!.
    Of all those preserved alive ones in the SDA Church, there are the 144,000 from among them, & they will at that time find out from Jesus Himself, that they were actually very literally descended from Jacob: yes, all the 12 tribes of Israel; just like the Bible says( read Rev.7:1-9), 12,000 from each tribe. OR:> Do you think John was deaf, blind, or telling lies; when he says: “..I heard the number of them..” there; & also, speaking of the same group again in Rev.14:1, he says: “I looked, & lo, a Lamb stood on “THE” “mount Sion”(same as Zion)& with Him 144,000…”.!!. John wrote, telling us something very important to note, right in the very 1st chapter of that book, remember?:> & that is, that JESUS is the one who told him to write down what he would see & hear.  So, if you don’t believe the Written Words about that numbered group being literal, descended right from the 12 tribes, the sons of Jacob, then you’d be calling JESUS Himself a liar.!. You wouldn’t want to do that, now would you.!?!.
  Of those in that Providentially numbered group:> some also knew their actual ancestry prior to that time; by having traced their family tree(like my family did), but most of them probably will not know, until then(& see Rev.14:1-5 for more details on what they will be like).
   Now also, we can see that numbered group is not just made up of Jews: who are only of the 2 Tribes(Judah & Benjamin); as many popular preachers teach.  Jesus puts that numbered group{from among the others in the Church who were also spared alive, but who were descendants of Gentile nations), in charge, yes, the 144,000 are placed as the leaders of His Kingdom(while He goes back to Heaven)which is down here on Earth: which He will then have been in the process of getting “set up” in the Middle-East. He will have then just beforehand cleared out all the people who were still living in rebellion & sin there: all those unbelieving people, & nations, that were there(& are there right now), by a terrible War,(of which we see the beginnings, even now!) [again, see Zechariah 14:1-4 ]
  So, folks: you’d best keep watching the news of the Middle East; because it’s going to blow wide open over there real soon.!!. Mark those words.!!. Big changes are going to be taking place there(Watch the news & see it already).!!. Thus, making way for all the sealed, spared alive ones from the True Church, including that Chosen numbered group of leaders of His, to enter that Land which He calls: “My Land” or “His Land” (see Ezekiel 36:5 & 20, & 38:16, as well as Joel 2:18, & 3:2).
    He also then performs a resurrection of some of the righteous dead of old Israel {see Ezekiel 37:1-14}, & there's also, a special resurrection: of another select group of dead believers; certain Christians, who come back to life then too, who had died faithful to Him: keeping all His Commandments; showing they had the faith & Testimony of Jesus, the “SPIRIT OF PROPHECY”(Rev.19:10) among them. Yes, they kept all His Commandments(including the 4th): the Holy God Sanctioned & Blessed by Him: the Seventh-Day Sabbath,+ certain other Specific Truths which they had revealed to them & they had accepted & practiced in their daily living, while they were yet alive previously. They had obeyed & taught others, all the Light from God, which they had received in their lives, up to the time of their death{see yet another book by my cousin E.G.White, titled: “THE GREAT CONTROVERSY…” page 637, & “EARLY WRITINGS”, page 285, for more details on that “special Resurrection” of Dan.12:2}. All those accounted righteous ones raised to life then, will also join with that group of 144,000 specially chosen & harvested descendants of Jacob(true Israelites)and the others who were spared alive "with them"; as they are just being set up in that new Nation-Kingdom, too.
   + Jesus, also at that time raises a small group of unrighteous dead people: some of whom were present there when Jesus was put to death in 31 AD, & actually had participated in condemning Him to death, & had a part in hanging Him up on that pole.!. These are raised up to see Him in His Power & hear His Voice again: of whom they thought they had silenced permanently, so long ago. They’ll then see that Kingdom of Holy ones, too. Those wicked ones will then be shamed & condemned, when they see Who Jesus really Is. He had told them Who He is, way back in their previous life before they put Him to death, but they didn’t believe it then.(see Daniel 12:1-4, for more on that special resurrection). They will then see the Truth, many centuries too late to do them any good.!!. They went beyond their probationary time, & had been Judged for it by then.
  After having set up that Kingdom: Jesus then leaves Earth & goes back Up Above again; that instance being His >5th ascension< since His birth. He goes back Up to finish Judging from The Books all the rest of the others still living here on Earth whom He hasn’t yet finished Judging; as the life records of those whose names & deeds & inner-most thoughts are still being recorded in their pages at that time, by the Holy Watchers(Dan.4:17). While He’s Up There doing that, there will be “a great multitude” of more living believers, written of in Revelation 7:9-17, who will also then accept “ALL” of God’s Revealed Truth: when they are told of it all by those chosen righteous teachers, chosen from among those who then make up the population of that newly established Kingdom; the 144,000 sons of Jacob(Israel), who go forth into the whole world(Is.66:15-21), calling that multitude of millions to come out of anti-typical ” Babylon The Great” (which is all false religion, & teachings not from The True God) {see Rev.18:1-4}.
  They will have also been warned before:> of the Judgment to come then by the worldwide preaching of the 1st & 2nd angel's messages of Rev.14:6-8, along with the 3d angel's warning message there in that 14th chapter also:> to NOT “worship the Beast & his Image” or receive ”the Mark of the Beast”, or worship “his number”:>6 hundred and 60 and 6, or "his name″, which:> if they do, >they will bring the punishment of God in the “7 Last Plagues” upon themselves(see Revelation 14:9 &10, for that 3RD ANGEL’S MESSAGE).  Yes, all those many people:> that “great multitude which no man could number, of all nations…” (Rev.7:9) will come out of modern "Babylon", all the places where is taught the many errors, false teachings, & confusion we now see worldwide, & will choose to go into God’s New Nation(His Kingdom).<[for more details about that happening, see also Isaiah 2:2-4, Is.66:15-21, Micah 4:1-7, & Mal.3:1-6].
  All those people are then sealed, who come out from Babylon's domain, and are then protected from the evil & harm of their enemies, by the many Holy Beings sent to watch over & protect them, because they’ve chosen to obey Him, & join the all the others already established in that Kingdom of Righteousness & Peace. All the unrighteous, who still choose to follow Satan & their own selfish ways, & reject the Truth offered them by God’s Holy chosen ones, & reject His Ways, are left outside that Holy Kingdom, & left in the real terrible mess of a world, which they have made thus, by their selfish, rebellious, unholy, & unjust ways. They cannot then enter into The Holy Kingdom at all, once God ends their limited probationary time He has given for accepting His Will & Way one final time before then.
  They are actually barred then from entering there, by Holy Beings sent from The Holy Heavenly Godhead, blocking them out,+ an actual Wall of Fire, placed by The Godhead around that Kingdom & which surrounds that entire peninsula of land at that time, as well.[see Zechariah 2 & 3, about God's calling all His chosen people to Jerusalem & Zion, & cleansing them from their old ways & sins, of which they had already repented previously, so they could first enter that Special Land, & receive the True New Birth experience, see especially chapter 2: verse 5, about that Wall of Fire, & see Jeremiah 31:33-34, & Ezekiel 36:24-29 & onward, for more about that cleansing].
  Next, many of those nations who are left outside of that Holy Land who have rejected God's final Messages of warning & Truth then, will try to attack that Holy Kingdom; but of course will fail, & they’ll receive some special Fire sent from God(see Ezekiel, chapters 38-39: all the verses). Also, the rest of the nations around the world will receive their final Judgments from that totally Just, Righteous, & Most Holy Godhead: in the 7 Last Plagues, in which are His full punishment & Judgments of His Wrath for that particular time in Earth’s History: mentioned in Revelation chapters 15 & 16.
  Then Jesus, after having finished those phases of the Investigative Judgment in the Record Books in Heaven, comes back down here then for the>THE 6TH TIME<: as King of kings & Lord of lords(that is the “coming” which most Christians mistakenly call the "2nd" “coming of Jesus”), & at that particular time, He’s not even going to touch the ground on Earth.!!. 
   Also at that time, He’ll raise up all the remaining dead who were accounted as righteous: yes, those of all time periods of Earth’s History, who were still in their graves; from Adam’s day & on down until that time, to join in going Up with Jesus, as He draws His Kingdom full of all the faithful ones upward too, to Himself in the air & ascends back to Heaven in His 6th ascension, since being born as “Son of Man”. That coming down & ascending back up, happens soon after His announcing: “It is done”, during the 7th Plague(see 1st Thessalonians 4:13-17 & Rev 16:17-21 & especially see the details of that coming as “King of kings”:> recorded in the book of Revelation 19:11-21, & which verses are all describing that All Powerful & Mighty “6th coming”).!.
  He then takes all His saved ones, of all the Ages of History with Him:> up there to heaven, to live for 1,000 years, with all 3 of  The Godhead themselves: The Father, The Son, & The Holy Ghost,+ all other holy beings up there, too.  After that long time period, of having all the saints to be looking over those Record Books: of the lives of all who did not make it there; because of their choosing their own ways, & God’s enemy’s ways, & which the Records will show that, for anyone who may wonder why God couldn’t allow those unrighteous ones to be there. All the saved ones will agree: that The Godhead have Judged Righteously in their Judgment.
   Jesus is then coming back to Earth: >THE 7TH TIME<, but, that time He’s coming with all His Saints with Him, inside His Holy Capitol City: the New Jerusalem, which is so very Massive: around 375 miles wide on every side & as tall, too.!.(Rev.21:16) He then partially remakes the Earth, & sets That Great City down upon it. He also then, raises up from the dead, all the unrighteous & wicked people who ever lived on the Earth, in one final resurrection: to see Him & that Glorious Holy City that they missed. They’ll see all the believing saints: whom they had mocked in life & there inside that Holy City, too.{see Rev. 21:1-5 & Rev 20:9}.
  All those wicked people who are raised up from the state of death at that final resurrection, had been dead a minimum of that previous 1,000 years anyway, + including every individual of the wicked people of any other time. All of those people had still been in their graves, since the actual day they died, of course, & NOT anywhere else.!. Yes, they were all still in their graves until that resurrection day. They are only allowed to be alive again, then for “a little season” (it says in Rev.20:3-9): long enough(about 100 years)for Satan to deceive them again, & to convince them to surround that Great Holy City: the New Jerusalem, to try & take it. But, God then finally destroys them, once & for all time thereafter. He rains fire down on them: making a lake of fire to consume them and that Devil: “Satan” himself & all the evil beings who have followed him in rebellion. Earth_on_Fire-2  >All those many evil & unrighteous beings, along with those unrighteous humans too, are then totally burnt up together, leaving nothing remaining of them, but ashes. Also, see Revelation 20:7-15 & Malachi 4:1 & 3, & do note the details given there, because that’s as close to anything like a place of burning “hell”, that the Bible comes anywhere near describing, in any of Its pages. The burning doesn’t last eternally either, like many professed Christians mistakenly teach, but, it only lasts long enough to burn them all up to nothingness(but of course to the ones burning, it seems like an awful long time:> while they’re burning & feeling the pain: until they are completely burned up, dead & gone!).>    Lake of Fire.2
  All that the word “hell” means in the Bible: is “the grave”; the place of the dead(see a concordance dictionary of Hebrew & Greek on that word). If you did read those references on that subject, you noticed it said that: “death & hell were cast into a lake of fire”, so, “hell” can’t be a place of burning fire already, as that would defeat the point of casting it into “a lake of fire”.!!. No, that doesn’t make any sense, does it.!?!.
   Don’t listen to people who talk about such a supposed God, a supreme being, acting like that: keeping all the lost people alive & suffering eternally; & the devil there with them, tormenting them too; in that supposed place of burning fire, which they want to call “hell”.!. That place does not exist.!!. Don’t blame that teaching on The True God.!!. Please, go read all those verses again, & study up on it {see again Rev.20:12-15 & Malachi 4:1&3}>  Read too, all the references we’ve mentioned above here, & there are even many more places of reference on these subjects, which we haven’t the space to post them all here, as this study is long enough already, right.!?!. If you do want more references, just ask & we’ll send them to you. If you read all the ones we have given here, you should understand all of which we’ve written here for yourself now, so start sharing it with as many others as you can.
  This study has been only SOME of what The Great "Shepherd": "EL" teaches. His true “CONGREGATION” will know of & heed "HIS VOICE" (Rev.2:26-29, & Rev.19:11-15, & see Micah 6:9). Get ready, if you’re not yet.!.
  The huge pictured Image of God's Son's Face was, as we’ve said before: formed from Earth’s very substance itself, & so you can see, no one >but God< is so big & powerful enough to have made it where it is there, & depicting God's Son, as He appeared in the state of death. So, of course, that’s why it shows His eye closed,(the only one visible)in all the pics.
   Being a fact, that The Face really is formed out of this Earth itself, & which some of the mountains there are over 10,000 feet(nearly 2 miles)high, verily PROVES that NO ONE ELSE could have ever made such a HUGE monumental memorial that size anyway(& at over 1400 miles long, or near 2400 Km.!!).  It’s even way larger in land mass than the size of all 7 of these Western States of the U.S.A. COMBINED together:> the States of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, & Arizona.!!!.     Just look & >compare it< on a map & see for yourself, if you don’t believe us.!. >  blue beauty - face & rearearth-space-flat-2 ^<—-(( That Likeness of The Face of God's Son is so  ^HUGE^, dear folks.!!.  Don’t you realize the significance of even just the size of IT.!?!. That alone, shows WHO made The Face there.!!!. Just think: of all the massive individual mountains, hills, ravines & canyons, many various shades of the vast desert sand, & + so many other things that Image must be made from.!!. You can also read in God’s Holy Written Word: the verses in Isaiah 5:26, & especially Isaiah 18:3, where He has told us way ahead of time; that He would “set up”, & “lift up” a miraculous monument, an “Ensign”(which, in a Bible Concordance: it says that word means: a sign, signal, token, omen, a standard, evidence, or a monument: go look it up, & see for yourself!) & Here is the actual quote of that verse of Isaiah 18:3 posted here for your convenience: “ALL YE INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD, AND DWELLERS ON THE EARTH, SEE YE, WHEN HE LIFTS UP AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS”; & “when he blows a trumpet, HEAR YE”.
   That prophesied of sign: a massive “token” from God; shows up so clearly there, right where God Himself formed & shaped it, for only us, in this age of Earth’s His-Story to behold.!. It has been photographed for us from Space, by those who have been able to go up, so far out above the Earth, & look back & see the whole Earth: our whole planet, & just as the Bible has foretold: in that verse there in Isaiah chapter 18:verse 3.!. Go read that again & you’ll realize that the only way that verse could be fulfilled to the letter: is through all of us being able to see that “ensign” He tells us to “see ye”, when He has literally lifted it up on the mountains; as that verse says, & as it is only now, of all the times of Earth’s History:> the only time that it could be seen at all, & so visibly clear from Space, & truly for all the world to see: in all the many photos of it, taken from way up there.!!.
   Yes, & that GIANT monument featuring the Face of God's Son consists of so very much variety of "Terra Eartha" itself; which Jesus has bought & paid for, with His Own Life’s Blood.!!. He bought it back from His arch enemy, a former angelic being once named Lucifer(see Isaiah 14:12)who had won possession & control over this planet through deceiving Adam & Eve in the first place. That Face is a gigantic Sculpture of God’s Only Begotten Son’s Face alright.!!. & It is SO BIG: it makes the great monument on Mt. Rushmore>, in South Dakota:>Mount Rushmore National Memorial South Dakota.<<[which depicts 4 of the USA's former Presidents]> appear like an extremely tiny little miniature sculpture; in comparison to that Monument that God Himself made of His Dear Son.!.>Evening view of Earth-4^<His own(God's) ever so massive Monument is ^right there^.
   Yes, it's right in the very area where the Son of God Himself walked & talked, while He was living down here on this planet Earth, over all those 33 & a half years He was here then. That Magnificent Giant Face appearing there so clearly, & that full Body Shroud Image both: are given to us as gifts from Father God, to Memorialize The Son of God’s sacrifice of His Life through death, which shows His Love for us: showing His Image in that death state. You don’t suppose The Godhead would make such a magnificent monument depicting anyone else & thereby heap such Great Honor of having another person’s face molded out of the Earth itself there, & pictured so vastly HUGE as That Face is, & for all the Worlds above & anyone out in Space to see, & us ourselves: only by photos taken from way out there.
   Think about that seriously, folks.!.  It's really the True Image of The Face of God's Son showing up in the Middle East there. It’s so BIG: it can only be seen from thousands of miles above, not mere hundreds.!. & It was put there as the last “sign” to us: of how much that land means to Him, too, & He’s given us that signal, token, omen, to tell us He is about to come back & “set up a Kingdom”: right there in that very part of this World. Yes, that is why we see that Face there now.!.
   Some real shallow thinking folks have said to us: “Nobody knows what God's Son looks like”. Oh? We guarantee you this: His Father “KNOWS” what He looks like.!. Doesn’t He.!? All the Holy beings that surround Him, also: “KNOW” what God's Son looks like.!. Think on it.!. & Since God chose to put His “looks” where He has: on the Earth’s surface & on that Burial Shroud; & we all can plainly see in pictures of them: we say: NOW, YOU “KNOW” what He looks like.!.                                               

  The Godhead gave us these two Ensigns(actual "mugshots" of Jesus){after all, He was arrested, tried, convicted, & put to death as a criminal, among criminals.!.}, His signals to us now, & we don’t really care if folks mock & scoff at the idea, & claim they don’t see the so obvious Face of Jesus clearly ^pictured^here. What counts is, He’s really coming again soon: “LIVE” & >in Person< >>to a planet very near you.<< >>
                                                                    >So, be ready<.!!.

Our Solar system, so far.    ^COMING SOON:> ^The end.^  +  Then:> A WHOLE NEW BEGINNING.!!!.


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